Veris Mapping In Grassland Paddocks

Professor Brian Irvine of Greenmount collage Antrim contacted us at optifarm to have some high resolution electroconductivity maps created of their controlled grazing platforms.

The indented use of the electro conductivity scanning was to identify the different zones of high water holding capacity that could influence nutrient retention for grass growth.

This information was then to be collected and then analysed against harvest lab nutrient analysis from the crop once harvested to accurately benchmark nutrient uptake.

Project conclusions

Ec Maps can be influenced by a variety of factors, so it was concluded there was a need to add organic matter (OM) and PH measurements. Allowing us to give a clearer more accurate picture of the soil factors that influence nutrient uptake.

Project information

  • Date: 25 March, 2019
  • Client: Greenmount Collage
  • Website:
  • Location: Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Value: $25,60000

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