Opticast Crop Forecast

The model will use field specific weather from a virtual station, satellite imagery and the data you supply to predict crop growth and development. The model is constantly refreshed with the latest satellite data. Targeted digs are then recommended at the point at which no more viable daughter tubers are likely to develop. These targeted digs calibrate the model for that crop on that season and, from then on, we can supply weekly yield and size distribution predictions. These predictions can easily be connected to values of different tuber sizes in the client’s contract to decide ideal knock down date or to manage the best logistics for knock down and harvest for larger growers.

Opticast can predict within-field variability of yield and size distribution. This is a solution to consider for situations; very variable crops, exceedingly small crops by area (where satellite resolution is not fine enough), trial plots or where a deeper understanding of how a variety is performing is desired. In effect, full Opticast created predictive virtual yield and size distribution maps.

Opticast technology is being used for bespoke solutions for supply chains. Many aspects of quality and yield can be predicted and managed across large numbers of fields. This produces vital information for processing and retailing of potato products. On the other side of the supply chain, the maximising of seed production and understanding of crop performance variation on early stages of a new variety

Project Objectives

  • Predicting the potato size and yield at the right time

  • Giving the opportunity to gain peak value on potato crops

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Project information

  • Date: 14 july, 2020
  • Client: Broadleas Farm
  • Website: www.optifarm.ie
  • Location: Ardcath ,County Meath

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Opticast Crop Forecast