Hedgerow To Hedgerow Digital Map

At OptiFarm we run a process of fertility soil mapping to determine the variability within fields that affect the nutrient availability of the crop. This is done through a process of high-resolution soil scanning with a sensor platform that reads actual Organic carbon, electroconductivity and the ph levels of the soil. Organic carbon is measured through an optical sensor using near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, measuring two light wavelengths of infrared and near infrared. This process detects the colour of the soil and can accurately predict the organic carbon levels in the soil.

PH is measured through two highly calibrated sensors located on the back of the machine. These sensors are calibrated with buffer solution before all scanning takes place giving accurate readings of soil PH levels. Two electrodes are inserted into a small opening in the ground every 20 meters at pre-determined intervals, and records two ph values, logged onto the map instantly.

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